It’s Been Five Years

Yesterday marked five years since I created this WordPress blog (not quite five years since my first post though). Five years is a long time depending on how you look at it. There have been many changes in my life since then and I have changed a whole lot, too. I have learnt, though, that change is not necessarily a bad thing and that change often signifies growth.


I haven’t written my thoughts in a long time. I think somehow I lost my muse or something but I hope to start again. When I first started writing my thoughts, I was inspired to do so by a friend who tried to convince me by telling me I would see how my thoughts evolved over time through my writing. It’s true. Sometimes I read things I have written in my journal and I wonder if it was truly I who wrote that. I’m not too certain that disparity, that change in my writing, is manifest in my blog as distinctly though.

I had considered deleting this blog and starting afresh but I am now happy that Dettie convinced me not to (I’m not quite sure she knows this🙂 ). The thing is, I thought my blog was without focus; a whole hodgepodge of things – books, crochet, poetry, relationships, photography, random thoughts… However, I have come to realize that I have been in focus all along. All these posts have really been “my thoughts into words”.

With that being said, thank you to all my followers and visitors. I appreciate the time you have taken to read, like and comment on the melange of thoughts I share on this blog.

The journey continues…


She asked if he loved her
To which he replied,
“I love you so much,
It just… fills me inside!”
“Will you ever leave me?”,
She questioned anew.
He said, “Darling, there’s no way
I could live without you!
It will be a week with four Thursdays,
When pigs start to fly,
Or a cold day in hell,
Before I tell you goodbye.”
His words touched her soul,
And his eyes touched her heart,
She was entirely convinced
There was no way they’d part.
So, she gave him her all
Till nothing was left.
She gave him the good,
The better and best.
But, when life came crashing,
The fallacies were shown,
It was then she found out
He wasn’t really her own.
She’d though he was prince charming,
And so romantically loquacious!
But he was really just a frog,
Being pathologically mendacious.
But like a spell was removed,
And scales fell from her eyes,
She can now stay a mile off
And spot a man telling lies.

One Second

All I wanted was
One second more
To show you I am stronger
Than how you left me before.

All I wanted was 
Just one second
To show you my heart’s now
My deadliest weapon.

All I wanted was
One second to add
To the day I saw you 
And you thought I was mad.

Just one more second
And I would have carefully hid all,
My broken heart, my pain, 
My eyes pleading at you to call,

You would have thought I was happy
That I’d moved on with my life,
If I had one more second,
Just one second more.

Writing 101: Day 4